Good news! Our Recolectora de sal was sent to Zambia, marking a significant advancement in the country’s salt mining industry.

Zambia, known for its rich mineral resources, has recently been focusing on the development of its salt mining sector, aiming to enhance production efficiency and meet the growing demand for salt both domestically and internationally.

Unveiling Zambia’s Salt Mining Potential

Recolectora de sal
Máquina recolectora de sal

As a leading supplier of salt collecting machines, we have partnered with a visionary salt mining enterprise in Zambia, providing them with the most advanced salt collection solutions available.

This transaction not only signifies our company’s expansion into the African market but also brings about a revolutionary change in Zambia’s salt mining industry.

Technological Innovation Driving Industry Upgrades

Zambia boasts abundant natural salt deposits. However, due to limitations in collection and processing technologies, the salt industry has not fully realized its potential. With the introduction of our advanced salt collecting machines, the situation is changing.

Campo de sal
Campo de sal

Renowned for their efficiency, reliability, and innovation, our machines offer Zambia’s salt mining enterprises a fresh approach to collection and processing.

Environmentally Friendly Intelligence for Sustainable Development

Equipped with advanced technologies such as automated collection systems, intelligent operation interfaces, and high-performance transmission devices, our machines can operate efficiently in harsh working environments.

Moreover, our machines prioritize environmental protection, featuring energy-saving and emission-reducing designs that align with the sustainability needs of Zambia’s salt mining industry.

Cosechadora de sal
Cosechadora de sal

Win-Win Cooperation for Industry Prosperity

This collaboration not only injects new vitality into Zambia’s salt industry and enhances its competitiveness in the international market but also promotes local economic development, creates more job opportunities, and propels Zambia’s salt industry towards a more prosperous future.

Initiating a New Era of Salt Mining

Whether in salt lake areas or underground salt mines, our salt collecting machines will bring breakthrough advancements to Zambia’s salt industry, ushering in a new era of salt production.