What is the raw material of the edible salt refinery machine?

Crushed cleaning salt is commonly known as coarse salt. It is the crystallization of seawater or saltwater in salt wells, salt ponds, and salt springs. It is natural salt. It is unprocessed large-grain salt. The main component is sodium chloride, but it contains magnesium chloride. Other impurities are easy to deliquescence in the air, so pay attention to humidity when storing. In the production process of crushed washing salt, the powder washing salt processing production line plays an important role in impurity removal and purification and provides people with nutritious product salt.

Crushing and cleaning salt is processed by using large-grained sea salt as the raw material. Because of the processes of crushing, washing, and recrystallization in production, the price will be relatively high. Because the product is white in color, uniform in grains, high in quality, clean and hygienic, and convenient to eat, it is an ideal raw material for household cooking and food processing.

Crushed cleaning salt large-grained sea salt coarse salt seawater saltwater salt wells salt ponds salt springs and more…

What kind of salts can be processed by this sea salt washing production line?

Table salt, Kosher salt, Sea salt, Fleur de sel/Fiore di Cervia (“flower of salt” in French and Italian), Sel Gris (gray salt), Pink salt, Himalayan black salt, Hawaiian alaea red salt, Hawaiian black lava salt, etc.

What edible salt refinery machine is used to make iodized salt?

The edible salt refinery production line includes washing, drying, screening, crushing, and packing.

Screw-type salt washing machine

Screw-type salt washing machine

This series of U-shaped screw-type salt washing machines are mainly used for the conveying and washing of salt. The salt is rotated by the screw, which plays the role of automatic salt washing and transportation. The washing liquid is sprayed from the middle of the salt washing machine. Suspended impurities overflow from the tail inlet trough and the precipitated impurities are regularly discharged from the bottom drain valve. The structure is roughly similar to that of a screw conveyor. It is mostly used in the washing of raw salt and medium and coarse-sized salt. This machine has a good washing effect and is the best choice for washing soluble impurities and insoluble.

TypeCapacity(t/h)inclinationPower(KW)Ribbon diameter(mm)

Roller mill

Roller mill

The roller mill has a simple structure, compact body, reliable operation, convenient adjustment, and less fine powder generation. It is especially suitable for salt crushing. The rollers of this machine are drawn with teeth, and the work adopts a crushing method with shearing as the main and extrusion as the auxiliary. The crushing gap can be adjusted and controlled arbitrarily within a certain range.

Roller diameter (mm)Φ300
Roller length (mm)6008001000
Maximum feed lumpiness≤15
Output (t/h)3-65-88-12
Motor power (rpm)5.5+7.5+0.15+0.157.5+11+0.2+0.211+11+0.2+0.2
Motor speed (rpm)970?1450

Agitated salt washing machine

Agitated salt washing machine

The salt slurry enters from the upper part. Under the stirring action of the blades, the lotion produces a strong collision, scouring, and mixing on the salt particles, and forms a reverse washing to separate the dirt and the particles on the surface of the particles. Purpose of washing. The salt slurry is pumped out from the bottom pump port, and the lotion overflows from the upper overflow ring.


Countercurrent scrubber machine

Countercurrent scrubber machine

The countercurrent scrubber is suitable for the final washing of salt slurry. The salt slurry enters in the upper part after being washed in the front stage, and the washing liquid enters from the middle and lower inlet. The salt particles gradually drop due to the effect of gravity and are allowed to contact, collide, and mix with the washing liquid for flotation. After washing liquid and floating debris are discharged from the overflow ring.


Centrifugal dehydrator

Centrifugal dehydrator

Vibrating fluidized bed dryer

Vibrating fluidized bed dryer

The vibrating fluidized bed dryer is a nucleating force generated by a vibrating motor to make the machine vibrate, and the material jumps forward under the action of the excitation force in a given direction, and at the same time, uniform hot air is input to the bottom of the bed to make the material in a fluidized state, The material particles are fully in contact with the hot air, and the heat and mass transfer process is intense. At this time, the thermal efficiency is high, the upper cavity is in a state of slight negative pressure, the damp air is discharged by the induced draft fan, and the dry material is discharged from the discharge port to achieve the desired effect. . This machine is widely used for drying, cooling and humidifying powdery and granular materials in the industries of salt, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, plastics, grain and oil, tobacco sugar and other industries.

TypeBed area(m×m)Reference dehydration(kg/h)Power(KW)


The Screen is produced by our company according to the different screening requirements of salt with multi-layer large and small inclination sieve surfaces to simultaneously produce a variety of materials with different particle sizes. This series of sieving machines adopts dual-motor synchronization

Vibration, the excitation force is adjustable, and it has the characteristics of uniform distribution, high screening efficiency, stable operation, and convenient screen replacement and maintenance. It can be used for dry screening of fine-grained and powdery materials in the salt, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and grain industries.

Iodine machine

Iodine machine

The adjustable iodine machine is composed of Japan | IWAKI electromagnetic metering pump, American stainless steel fan spray head, Yuyao glass rotameter, and other equipment. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, with strong corrosion resistance and uniform spraying speed. The enclosure of the control cabinet is sealed with stainless steel, and the button indicator of the cabinet provides the user with the most intuitive display interface. Through the response of each indicator of the cabinet, the normal operation of the iodine spray can be diagnosed, which is convenient for analyzing and finding the safe operation of the faulty equipment. . The equipment is simple to operate, reliable in quality, easy to maintain, and has strong corrosion resistance.

large packaging machine

Large packaging machine

The large packaging machine absorbs many new technologies and new structures of quantitative packaging machines at home and abroad and adopts advanced electronic weighing sensors and fixed-value packaging controllers. It has fast speed, high precision, good corrosion resistance, and anti-interference ability. Strong and other characteristics. It is widely used in chemical, fertilizer, petrochemical, salt, sugar, feed, and grain industries.

Spotlights of this sea salt washing production line

  • Industrial materials

Refined salt can use in the chemistry industry. The customer could add mineral materials into the salt.

  • Edible table salt

For more cleaning and processing steps, adding minerals, the finished products can be edible salt.

  • multiple processing steps

The edible salt refinery machine is a large salt refine and washing plant, with complete cleaning procedures.

  • Large output
  • Burlap bag

We also provide packaging burlap bags for packing salt processed by the edible salt refinery machine.