Récemment, notre Machine à récolter le sel has successfully entered Spain, bringing unprecedented automation innovation to this ancient salt field.

Successful Application of Salt Harvester Machine

In response to the growing global demand for sea salt and the urgent pursuit of production efficiency, a prominent salt company in Spain has taken a pivotal step towards transformation by introducing an advanced Salt Harvester Machine.

This machine has stood out among its competitors due to its exceptional harvesting efficiency, precise salt content selection capabilities, and low environmental impact design, making it the ideal partner for this company’s upgrade and transformation.

Machine à recueillir le sel
Machine à recueillir le sel

The Intelligent Core of Automated Salt Harvesting

Recognizing the fragile ecology of salt fields, this machine employs a low-energy design to minimize environmental impact.

It features noise control during operation and minimal soil disturbance technology, effectively preserving the surrounding natural environment and biodiversity, embodying principles of green production.

The Brilliant Achievements of Automated Salt Harvesting

Since the deployment of the Salt Harvester Machine, the salt company in Spain has achieved nearly 50% improvement in production efficiency, significant reduction in labor costs, and minimized salt loss due to manual handling errors.

This dual leap in quality and quantity has positioned the project as a benchmark within the industry, attracting attention and interest from domestic and international peers.

Machine à récolter le sel
Machine à récolter le sel

Collaborative Innovation for a Promising Future

The successful application of the Salt Harvester Machine in Spain marks not only the modernization of an industry but also a robust practice towards sustainable future development. We are honored to have been part of and witnessed this historic transformation.

Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate collaborating with more partners to explore even more efficient and environmentally friendly salt harvesting solutions, paving the way for a new chapter in the global salt industry.

Exposition de l'usine de récolte du sel
Salt Collecting Machine For Business