High efficient salt harvester will do great help for the large salt field

In each salt harvesting season, there will be a huge demand for many salt collecting workers in many sea salt fields, especially in the larger salt fields. Who to deal with this situation? The answer is to buy a good salt harvesting machine with high working efficiency and low failure rate. Shuliy salt harvesting machine will be a good choice for you. Because we are the professional salt harvester manufacturer and our machine has been exported to many countries and regions.

What is salt harvester?

The harvester is designed to pick up salt and load trailers on either side of the machine while traversing evaporation ponds from end to end. The salt harvester design is based on earth moving track machine and has a variable pitch blade feeding onto a screw lift auger, which in turn feeds two elevating conveyor belts that discharge onto a bi-directional conveyor belt.

The salt collector is a technologically innovative product. This salt collection machine has been transformed from a mechanically artificially combined salt collection method to a purely mechanical salt collection. The operation can be completed in only two people, saving two-thirds of the labor force and greatly improving the production efficiency of the salt collection work. It also reduces the labor load of employees.

Moreover, the salt collection machine is not affected by the rain, nor is it affected by the seasons. It breaks the traditional salt-and-salt mode of spring and autumn and can organize the work of salt in the summer. It can arrange the sales of raw salt more scientifically and reasonably. The salt machine also greatly improved the utilization rate of evaporation, so that the salt field in the salt collection can grow normally and the salt is greatly increased.

Working principle of the salt harvester:

The salt collecting shovel contacts the salt layer under the action of traction force and self-gravity. For example, adjusting the variable angle oil cylinder can change and increase the blade shovel angle, which can increase the vertical component force and make the salt collecting shovel into the salt layer. After the depth, the shovel blade is leveled. At this time, under the control of the cylinder, the salt shovel continuously and evenly cuts a certain thickness of the salt layer, so that the salt layer is continuously smashed up, and then passes through the shovel blade. The arc moves upwards.

During the movement, the salt layer is broken, but it does not collapse due to the action of the curved surface. When the sheet reaches the upper end of the shovel, the broken flaky salt enters the bucket of the chain bucket machine, and the effect of gravity and centrifugal force after lifting Next, it is dropped into the receiving belt of the belt conveyor installed perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the machine, and then transported to the salt-moving car that works with the salt collecting machine.

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