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Salt harvester machine is powered by a basic diesel engine. In order to adapt to the operation in salt ponds, it uses the front and rear drive, rear steering, and is equipped with a lifting and delivery mechanism. Salt harvester machine is widely used in the production of machinery in the salt field. This salt harvester has a compact structure, good performance, small and flexible, reliable work, economical and durable, and convenient to use and maintain. This kind of salt harvesting machine is mainly suitable for the crystallization pond area of the salt field. District not less than 1000 square meters, and the pressure at the bottom of the pool is not low.

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How to clear the salt harvester machine?

Salt collecting machine is a large machine, and more expensive, so in daily use in particular need to pay attention to maintenance work. When it comes to sea salt harvest season, salt harvesters in major salt farms will be in a continuous working state. However, sea salt is prone to caking. If the salt harvester is not cleaned regularly, the working efficiency of the machine will be reduced, the failure rate will be increased and the service life of the machine will be affected. There are two ways to clean salt harvester.

Chemical removal method

Soak the removable parts in a chemical solution for a period of time. Remove the carbon deposits after they are softened. Rinse and dry in hot water with 0.1-2.3% potassium heavy lead.

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Mechanical method

In the area of carbon deposition with a scraper or metal brush to clean, this method is more convenient and simple, but also not easy to carbon deposition, clean, and easy to damage parts surface. In addition, small makeup reminds everyone, parts carbon cleaning to be regular and timely, this is also the maintenance of salt machinery, prolong the service life, improve the key performance.

How to maintain the harvester machine of sea salt?

  1. First, a piece of plate that is the same as the repaired plate without any damage is selected as the reference, and then the good and bad comparison test is conducted on the two plates by using the double bar VI curve scanning function. In the beginning, the comparison should start from the port, and then the capacitor is compared from the outside to the inside.
  2. Because salt machine maintenance is currently available only to perform a functional test device on the machine and the static characteristic analysis, the necessary test, inspection of the machine is needed, therefore, at the time of inspection should first check the power of the equipment is supplied to the salt machine equipment, and then found in the whole test process and solve other problems.Salt harvester3 1
  3. When there is maintenance for a salt harvesting machine, the first thing to do is to do the salt harvester visual inspection. And when we carefully observe, we can mainly see: 1.Whether there is a broken line in the salt harvester machine. 2. Whether the components of the salt collecting machine, such as resistance, the electrolytic capacitor, inductance, etc., are disconnected. 3. Whether the salt harvesting machine power cables have a fracture or other phenomena, to determine the salt harvester machine there is no need to maintain the above situation, after the first injection molding machine is measured with a multimeter circuit board between power supply and ground resistance, if for just a few or dozens of Ω resistance, suggesting that salt machine device components on the part of the breakdown, you need to take certain measures will find the breakdown of the components.

Features of the salt harvester

How To Ensure The Working Efficiency Of The Salt Harvester Machine? 8
  1. Minimize the damage to the pool plate. Due to the low carrying capacity of the salt pool plate, the vehicle is required to be in the crystallization operation. It should have a low grounding pressure. When turning, the damage to the pool plate should be reduced to a large extent.
  2. Large carrying capacity. Reduce salt collection time and reduce costs.
  3. The salt harvesting machine has the characteristics of convenient operation.
  4. 4. With good reliability. The working process is safe and easy.

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