Salt collecting machine

The salt collecting machine is suitable for the live slag salt process. It can be used in conjunction with water conservancy pipes for salt collection work, and can also carry out work such as live slag and traction. The salt harvesting machine uses a rubber crawler to walk, and the advantage of using the crawler walking is that the salt collector can be driven without destroying the pool plate. It can also be used for low traction, hoisting, and other work required by other industries, and its speed reducer can be used separately as a gear shifting mechanism for some equipment.

Introduction to salt collecting machine

The salt collecting machine is powered by a 4100 basic diesel engine. In order to adapt to the operation in salt ponds, it uses the front and rear drive, rear steering, and is equipped with a lifting and delivery mechanism. It is widely used in the production of machinery in salt fields.

The medium-sized 4100 salt receiving machine is mainly suitable for salt fields where the crystal pool area of the salt District is not less than 1,000 square meters, and the bearing strength of the bottom of the pool is not less than 0.15 MPa and the living level is less than 120 mm.

Salt collecting machine for sale
salt collecting machine for sale

Salt collecting machine images

Salt collecting machine09
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Features of salt collecting machine

  1. The salt harvester machine features are: small size, light weight, high efficiency and flexible operation.
  2. Minimize the damage to the salt pond. Due to the low bearing capacity of the crystal pool plate, the vehicle is required to have a low grounding pressure during the crystallizing operation, and the damage to the pool plate should be greatly reduced when turning.
  3. Large carrying capacity and reduced cost.
  4. convenient operation.
  5. with good reliability. A large number of high-volume related vehicle parts produced in China are used in large quantities.

Production capacity: Instantaneous production capacity 200t/h.

Salt collecting machine
salt collecting machine

What is the salt harvesting machine structure?

The salt harvester machine is a quick pumping type working mechanism, comprising a working pump for extracting a brine mixture and a jet pump for assisting salt pumping; wherein the working pump has a suction pipe connected to the salt collecting station, and the salt collecting station includes a semi-circular bucket-shaped bucket having a screw pusher blade therein; a connection point between the suction pipe of the salt-receiving working pump and the bucket is a salt collecting port, and a salt collecting port is provided to spray the salt collecting port The nozzle of the water, the nozzle is in communication with the head tube of the jet pump. The invention adopts a water pump to extract the brine mixture to the salt pile, the speed of the salt collector is fast, and a lot of manpower is saved so that the invention has outstanding substantive features and remarkable progress.

Technical Parameter of salt collecting machine

Model SL-1
Capacity 150-200t/h
Power 55kw/44hp
working width 2000mm
The Max.salt thickness 20cm
Wheel space 1575mm
Weight 4000kg
Dimension 5000x2130x2900mm

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