The salt collecting machine is designed for the live slag salt processing method. It is suitable for salt collection tasks in collaboration with water conservancy pipes and can perform various operations such as live slag processing and traction. This machine has a capacity of 150-200 tons per hour, making it highly efficient for large-scale salt harvesting operations.

Salt Collecting Machine Working Video

Utilizing a rubber crawler for movement, the salt harvesting machine offers a notable advantage in that it can navigate without causing damage to the salt pool plate. Weighing 4000 kg, this robust machine is built to handle demanding tasks while ensuring minimal impact on the environment. Furthermore, it is adaptable for tasks requiring low traction, hoisting, and other functions in diverse industries.

The salt collecting machine features a user-friendly interface, making operation straightforward and maintenance simple. Additionally, its speed reducer can be independently employed as a gear-shifting mechanism for specific equipment. This flexibility and reliability make it an excellent choice for customers looking to enhance their salt production processes efficiently and effectively.

Automatic salt collecting machine

The salt collecting machine is a versatile and reliable piece of equipment designed to enhance the efficiency of salt production. Featuring a compact structure, it is small, flexible, and easy to operate, making it suitable for various salt harvesting tasks. Powered by a diesel engine, the machine utilizes front and rear drive with rear steering to adapt to the unique conditions of salt pools.

Equipped with a lifting and conveying mechanism, it is particularly effective in crystallization pond areas of at least 1000 square meters, with a pool bottom pressure not lower than 0.15 MPa.

To better understand this automatic salt collecting machine, let’s first take a look at its overall structure and working principle.

Salt collecting machine for sale
Salt Collecting Machine for sale

What is the salt harvesting machine structure?

The salt harvester machine is a quick pumping type working mechanism, comprising a working pump for extracting a brine mixture and a jet pump for assisting salt pumping.

Wherein the working pump has a suction pipe connected to the salt collecting station, and the salt collecting station includes a semi-circular bucket-shaped bucket having a screw pusher blade therein.

A connection point between the suction pipe of the salt-receiving working pump and the bucket is a salt collecting port, and a salt collecting port is provided to spray the salt collecting port The nozzle of the water, the nozzle is in communication with the head tube of the jet pump.

The invention adopts a water pump to extract the brine mixture to the salt pile, the speed of the salt collector is fast, and a lot of manpower is saved so the invention has outstanding substantive features and remarkable progress.

After understanding the basic structure of the machine, let’s delve into its technical parameters.

Newly manufactured salt harvester in factory
salt collecting machine supplier

Technical parameters of the salt collecting machine

Power55kw, 44hp
working width2000mm
The Max.salt thickness20cm
Wheel space1575mm
salt harvester machine parameters

Now that we know the technical specifications, let’s explore the key advantages of this salt collecting machine.

Salt harvester
salt harvester

Key advantages of salt collecting machine

  1. Efficiency and Productivity
    • The machine is designed for high efficiency, streamlining the salt collection process and significantly boosting overall productivity.
  2. Gentle Harvesting
    • With a focus on minimizing impact, the machine employs features to ensure gentle harvesting, reducing damage to the salt pond and preserving crystal pool integrity.
  3. Compact and Lightweight
    • Its compact size and lightweight design contribute to enhanced maneuverability, allowing the machine to navigate diverse terrains with ease.
  4. Cost-Effective Operation
    • The salt collector combines a large carrying capacity with reduced operational costs, providing a cost-effective solution for salt harvesting activities.
  5. User-Friendly Operation
    • Convenient and user-friendly controls make the machine easy to operate, catering to operators of varying skill levels.

These advantages not only showcase the machine’s excellent performance but also its competitive pricing.

Salt collector
Salt Collector

The price of Shuliy’s salt harvester machine

The price of Shuliy’s salt harvester is closely tied to its configuration and the quantity you wish to order. We offer flexible configuration options to cater to various needs and production scales in the salt industry. If you are interested in obtaining a detailed price list for our machines, we warmly welcome you to submit an inquiry on our official website.

Please submit your inquiry through our official website, and our dedicated team will promptly respond, providing you with a comprehensive price list. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you, enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of salt production. Thank you for your interest and trust in Shuliy’s salt collecting machine.

After-sales services of salt harvester

12-Month Warranty

Our salt harvester comes with a one-year warranty. During this period, we offer free spare parts and shipping. If any quality issues arise under normal operating conditions, we will promptly send you spare parts via express delivery at no additional cost.

Comprehensive Manuals

An English operation manual and maintenance manual are provided to help you understand the machine’s functions and upkeep.

Maintenance Services

Effective salt collector
effective salt collector

If your engineers encounter any troubleshooting issues that they cannot resolve, we will provide repair guidance within two days. Our maintenance support is lifelong, ensuring your machine operates smoothly for years to come.

Long-term Training Services

We offer long-term training services for users. Based on your requirements, we can provide on-site operation, maintenance, and personnel training within the country.

Moreover, beyond our commitment to after-sales support, let’s delve into a successful case showcasing the real-world performance of our salt collecting machine.

Salt collecting machine working process
salt collecting machine working process

A successful case of salt collecting machine

In a recent success story, an Australian salt production facility upgraded its operations with our advanced salt collecting machine. Replacing traditional manual methods, the automated processes significantly boosted production efficiency, reduced labor costs, and ensured a consistent, high-quality salt harvest.

This case exemplifies the transformative impact our technology can have on optimizing salt production practices.

Salt harvester machine
salt harvester machine

Best salt collecting machine

Our top-quality salt collectors have been successfully sold to many countries, including South Africa, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. The wide market coverage in these countries not only demonstrates the global popularity of our machines but also highlights our company’s leadership and technological strength in the salt collection industry.

We are committed to helping customers improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure product quality and service levels reach the highest standards through innovative and efficient solutions. No matter what your needs are, we will provide you with reliable solutions and continue to exceed customer expectations.

Salt harvester with a good price
salt harvester with a good price

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Choosing our salt harvester is more than just selecting a piece of equipment; it’s a decisive move toward achieving excellence in production. Our salt harvester boasts not only high efficiency and exceptional performance but also a focus on reliability and stability. As a supplier, we are committed to providing you with an integrated solution to meet the evolving demands of the salt industry.

Salt harvester factory display
salt collecting machine for business

By choosing our salt harvester, you gain an exceptional production tool that enhances efficiency and reduces operational costs. We firmly believe that collaborating with us will bring substantial returns and sustainable success to your salt industry business. Contact us now, and let’s build the future of salt production together.