Salt collector harvester machine

The salt collector harvester machine is widely used in various salt field sites. The salt collector is a fast pumping type of salt collection mechanism, including a working pump for extracting salt-water mixture and a jet pump for auxiliary salt pumping. And it works with the diesel engine, adopts front and rear drive, and also has to collect and lifting conveying mechanism. The sea salt harvesting machine has the characteristics of small size, lightweight, high efficiency, and flexible operation.

Salt is a necessity for human life and basic raw material for the chemical industry. So now there are also many salt fields to produce salt. Therefore it has become common to use salt harvesting machines to collect salt in order to improve production efficiency.

Salt collector harvester machine in Senegal

Our customer is from Senegal and he has a large salt production area. He had a salt collector and wanted to buy a new one. The customer contacted us by browsing our website. Our sales manager immediately talked to the customer about the salt collector. The customer paid more attention to the specifications of the machine. So the sales manager gave the customer a detailed introduction to the structure and parameters of the machine. The customer expressed his satisfaction. Finally decided to buy a salt collector.

How to clean the sea salt harvester machine?

  1、Chemical removal method. Soak the parts of the salt machinery in a special chemical solution and keep it for a period of time. When the dust or other impurities are softened and removed, use cotton wool or a brush to wipe off the carbon. Then you also need to use clean water to rinse and dry.
  2、In the salt industry machinery with carbon in the place with a special scraper or metal brush to clean up. This method is relatively simple, but not easy to clean the carbon. And easy to damage the surface of the parts.

Salt transport truck
Salt transport truck

What are the common reasons for the failure of the salt collector machines?

    1、Incorrect adjustment or assembly of parts may lead to machine failure.
    2、Improper operation. Failure to follow the instructions results in failure.
    3、Inadequate maintenance. Regular maintenance and timely maintenance will not cause further damage.

Salt collector harvester machine
Salt Collector Harvester Machine

What are the role and characteristics of salt fishing machinery?

  1. The salt collector harvester machine has a wide range of applications. And they can work with water conservancy pipelines to carry out salt collection operations, live slag, traction, and other operations.
  2. The salt collection machine adopts hydraulic transmission, power shift, high degree of standardization, and generalization of parts. And this makes the salt harvesting machinery more convenient and simple to operate.
  3. The salt harvesting machine can complete salt harvesting, live slag, traction, and other operations in one machine, with a high utilization rate.
  4. Salt machinery to adapt to the convenience of running in the salt field, the use of front and rear drive, rear steering, and equipped hydraulic lifting conveyor mechanism.
  5. Salt harvesting machine has the characteristics of small size, lightweight, flexible operation, etc.

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