Good news! Our salt harvesting machine was sent to Mexico a few days ago.

The salt industry has long been a vital component of Mexico’s economy. Faced with challenges such as inefficient traditional manual harvesting, high labor costs, and seasonal work demands, our customer, a leading salt company in Mexico decided to invest in advanced salt harvester machines.

Salt harvester machine for business
Salt Harvester Machine For Business

Solutions provided for our customer in Mexico

The company opted for cutting-edge salt harvester machines from us. This machine seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art harvesting technology and intelligent control systems, adaptable to the diverse environments and needs of different salt fields in Mexico.

Implementation of salt harvester machine

Following the delivery of the machines, we conducted extensive training sessions to ensure operators could leverage the advanced features to their full potential.

The machines were successfully tested in multiple salt fields across Mexico, receiving excellent feedback for their efficient harvesting speed and low maintenance costs.

Salt harvester machine for sale
Salt Harvester Machine For Sale

Positive effects of salt harvesting machine

The introduction of salt harvester machines led to a significant improvement in productivity and economic benefits for the company.

The machines not only reduced dependence on manual labor but also enhanced the quality and yield of salt. This played a crucial role in maintaining a competitive edge for the company in the fiercely competitive salt industry.

Salt harvester machine shipped to mexico
Salt Harvester Machine Shipped To Mexico


By introducing advanced salt harvester machines, this Mexican salt company successfully addressed the challenges posed by traditional manual harvesting, improving productivity, reducing costs, and laying a solid foundation for the modernization of the company.

This case study provides valuable insights for other salt industry companies, showcasing the immense potential of salt harvester machines in driving the modernization of the salt industry.

Salt harvesting
Salt Harvesting