Congratulations! A customer from Tanzania has purchased a salt harvester from us. Our salt harvesting machine crushes, transfers, and transports salt to the salt harvesting truck. Usually, the salt collector is required to work together with the salt harvester truck. The salt harvester is one of the necessary equipment for the salt farm.

Why do customers buy our salt harvester?

  1. Our salt harvester is reasonable in structure, stable in operation, compact, and flexible.
  2. To adapt to the operation in the salt pond, it adopts front rear drive and rear turn. It is also equipped with a lifting and conveying mechanism, which is widely used in salt production.
  3. The salt collector has a large carrying capacity. This can reduce the salt collection time and cost.
  4. Our salt harvester has a good price. As a salt equipment manufacturer, the price of our machines is directly proportional to the quality, and the cost performance is relatively high.

Customer’s process of purchasing salt harvesting machine

Customers contact us through our salt harvester website. Through WhatsApp, we first introduced the machine to the customer. We sent pictures, videos, and parameters of the salt collector. Since it was the first time the customer bought the machine from abroad, he needed to discuss it with his partner. A few days later the customer replied that he would buy the machine. But it would take some time before he could do so. In the following time, we continued to contact the customer and sent our shipping charts, etc. to other countries we sell to.

Payment and shipping of the salt collector

After a month we received full payment from the customer. Since we had the machines in stock, we packed and shipped the machines immediately after receiving the payment from the customer.

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