The latest sea salt processing in 2020

We are not new to salt, but we know very little about the processing of salt. As a professional manufacturer of salt collectors, today we will popularize the specific knowledge of the processing process of sea salt for everyone.

Salt can be divided into four types: sea salt, lake salt, well salt, and mineral salt. We all know that salt is obtained by crystallization and processing of salty brine or seawater. However, the method of extracting true salt is not so simple.

Detailed sea salt production process with the salt harvesting machine

The production of sea salt generally adopts the sun exposure method, also known as the “beach sun exposure method”. It uses the coastal beach to build dams to open up salt fields, attracts seawater irrigation ponds by receiving tidewater, and turns into brine by evaporation.

sea salt harvesting with labors
sea salt harvesting with labors

When the brine concentration evaporates to 25 degrees Baume, sodium chloride is precipitated, which is the original salt. The production of raw salt by the sun method has the advantages of saving energy and lower costs, but due to geographical and climatic influences, it is impossible to build salt fields in all coastal beaches and salt in all seasons. The air is dry, the sunshine is long, the evaporation is large, and the salt production is high, otherwise, the yield is low.

Process of producing sea salt by sun


Nano-tide is actually a raw material extraction process for producing raw salt. Seawater is a raw material produced by the salt industry. In order to ensure the normal operation of production, we must do everything possible to ensure the supply of raw materials. At present, there are two types of tide adopted, one is natural tide and the other is dynamic tide. The natural tide is to allow the seawater to flow naturally along the tidal ditch during high tide; the dynamic tide is generally introduced into the seawater by an axial flow pump, which is not limited by natural conditions.


The production of brine is carried out in a large-scale evaporation pond. The depth of the water in the evaporation pond is appropriately controlled according to the daily evaporation volume so that the brine concentration is gradually increased, and finally concentrated into saturated brine.

salt harvester machine
salt harvester machine


During the continuous evaporation and concentration of seawater, the concentration of various salts is increasing. When the salt concentration reaches saturation, it will precipitate in the form of crystals. In a supersaturated solution, the crystals can continue to grow by continuously maintaining the supersaturation of the solution.

4.Salt collection

The salt collection is to grow the sea salt and use artificial or commercial salt harvesters to collect the salt into piles. The salt collector is important equipment for efficient collection of sea salt. General salt yards will purchase this machine instead of a manual salt collection.