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There are different types of edible salt in our daily life. Examples are sea salt, lake salt, well salt, and rock salt. And each type of salt has different production processes and procedures. In order to give you a better understanding of the different types of salt. Let me introduce to you the production process of different types of salt.

Production of sea salt

Sea salt comes from seawater (including coastal underground salt). Normally the seawater enters the evaporation pond through the nadir, evaporates, and concentrates into solid salt through sunlight. And it continues to evaporate and condense in the condensing pond. Then completes the production of sea salt through mechanical equipment to collect salt and pile up. In the process of harvesting salt, people use salt harvesting machines and salt trucks to harvest sea salt.

Modern sea salt production summarizes and promotes the new process of new brine, appropriate deep seawater. And appropriate long-term crystallization. Also, some of the crystallization ponds use plastic film thatching technology.

Sea salt
Sea Salt

Lake salt-producing

Lake salt is from the lake or made from the brine of the salt lake. And the production process is to extract the raw salt directly from the salt lake through a salt mining machine or salt mining ship. And in order to complete the production of lake salt through pipeline (or car) transportation, washing, and dehydration, pile lumping, and another step gathering.

Large and medium-sized lake salt farms have replaced manual operations with mechanized production.

Lake salt
Lake Salt

Mineral well salt production

Well salt is coming from rock salt or underground natural brine. And nowadays, most the good mine salt production adopts the vacuum evaporation process, whose step gathering is mostly the process of drilling brine, brine purification, split-effect evaporation, and cogeneration.

Modern well salt production technology is constantly improving, from flat pan salt production to vacuum salt production. And some process technology has reached the world’s leading level.

Rock salt manufacturing

Once a rock salt layer is found, it can be obtained directly by mining. Or we can get it by pumping water underground, allowing the rock salt layer to fully dissolve in the water. And then collecting the brine and steaming it dry.

Rock salt
Rock Salt

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