Why do large salt fields choose salt harvesters?

Salt machine can save salt harvesting time

Every year in the middle of summer, when people are hiding in air-conditioned rooms, the vast salt field has become the most lively place. Arrived the season of raw salt harvesting, the vast salt field will appear a busy scene of gathering salt, collecting salt and carrying the raw salt.

The harvest of raw salt can last for more than a month. If the mechanization level of the salt field is too low and there is no corresponding raw salt harvesting and transportation equipment, but mainly relies on a large number of salt collecting workers to complete the salt harvesting, then the work efficiency of the salt field will be very low. Salt harvesting period will be greatly extended, which will increase the salt harvesting cost and reduce the income. The application of the efficient salt harvester of Shuliy machinery can help the salt field, greatly reducing the salt collecting time and improving the salt collecting efficiency.

Salt harvester can reduce investment cost

In summer, people all want to work in a cool place, and the high temperature in the salt field will be a great test for salt collecting workers. Therefore, the highly-charged salt field requires a lot of labor to be recruited in advance, and a large amount of capital is invested to recruit workers to harvest the raw salt, which will greatly increase the investment cost of the salt field. In addition, working in the high temperature environment of the salt field, workers with poor health will be at risk of getting sunstroke. The application of salt collecting machine can avoid these disadvantages effectively. The salt collecting machine is fast, and can work in the salt field for a long time, and will not stop working because of the weather, saving time and labor, can greatly save investment costs.

The working principle of salt  machine

The traditional way of salt collection mainly depends on the hard work of salt collecting workers, and the efficiency of salt collection is very low. Typically, salt collecting workers start working in the salt fields in the early hours of the morning, using rakes to scrape sea salt or shovels to collect it in carts, which are then used to transport it to open areas for collection. The salt harvester can be used with the salt truck at the same time. While the worker is driving the salt harvester, another worker can drive the salt truck to move forward in sync with the salt harvester.

When collecting the raw salt in the salt field, the screw blade in the front of the salt harvester will crush off large chunks of salt and at the same time, the crushed raw salt will be lifted up by the conveyor belt, and the collected raw salt can be directly poured into the salt truck on the same side through the outlet of the salt harvester. When one salt truck is filled with raw salt, another salt truck can take the place of the original salt truck and continue to work. The continuous and rapid salt harvesting can be realized by the combination of salt harvester and salt truck.

The main advantages of salt harvesters

Salt harvester is a special equipment for large salt fields, also can be used for grain, sand and stone loading. In order to adapt to the convenient operation in salt fields, Shuliy machinery salt harvester with front and rear drive, after steering, and equipped with hydraulic lifting, belt conveyor, is one of the main machinery which is widely used in salt production. In addition, we can also provide salt trucks, piling machine, loader and other salt processing equipment. Salt collecting machine has the characteristics of small size, light weight, high efficiency, flexible operation, saving time and labor etc. Salt harvester is the most ideal mechanical equipment for collecting salt in large salt fields.

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