The salt collection equipment in the salt field can largely save a lot of labor costs and time costs. This is also the main reason why many large and medium-sized salt farms choose to purchase efficient salt harvesters. However, even if you purchase a high-quality salt collector, you will still encounter many failures during long-term use. Why?

What are the causes of the failure of the salt collector?

The use of the salt harvester reduces the labor intensity of workers to a certain extent, improves work efficiency, and brings certain economic benefits to users. Today, salt harvesters are used in more and more salt fields.

Salt harvesting
salt harvesting

Our salt collector manufacturers suggest that customers need to have a certain degree of learning and understanding of the salt collector before choosing to use the salt collector. Customers should be familiar with the correct operating procedures and methods of the salt collector to avoid unnecessary failures due to improper use.

In the process of using the salt collection machine, the common causes of failure are 1. Improper user operation causes damage to salt collection equipment. 2. After a long period of work, there is no regular cleaning and maintenance of the salt collector.

Precations of using salt harvester

Sea salt harvesting equipment
Sea Salt Harvesting Equipment

1. In the process of using the salt collecting machine, improper adjustment and assembly of various parts of the salt harvesting machine can easily cause the salt collecting machine to malfunction.

2. If the worker does not operate the salt collection machine correctly or does not strictly follow the machine’s instructions, it will also cause the salt collection machine to malfunction during use.

3. The salt collector cannot be used for a long time without maintenance. If timely maintenance is not carried out regularly, it will further damage the salt collection machinery.

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