Our salt harvester is a combined harvester with crushing, collecting, and transporting functions. The machine works with a diesel engine, with a front and rear drive backward, and a hydraulic lifting rake head. The front has a rake head, winch, and scraper lifter, and on the right side is a conveyor belt. The rake head collects and lifts the salt and auger to the belt conveyor and then transported them to the coordinated salt truck.

This machine is suitable for sea salt crystallization pools of not less than 1000 square meters. The bottom of the pool can bear a pressure of not less than 1. 5 kg per square centimeter and the thickness of the salt layer does not exceed 20 cm.

How is salt harvested?

We can obtain salt by solar evaporation from seawater or salt lakes. The wind and the sun evaporate the water in shallow pools, leaving the salt behind. When the salt reaches a specific thickness, we usually harvest it once a year. After harvesting, the salt is washed, drained, cleaned, and refined. We have a variety of salt handling equipment such as an edible salt refinery machine, cattle licking salt block machine, salt transport truck, plastic sheet retractor, etc.

Structure of sea salt harvesting machine

1. Salt Crusher: It is in the front of the machine and breaks down the integrated salt crystals into small pieces.

2. Screw conveyor: It transports the salt from the soil to the conveyor belt.

3. Scraper conveyor: It brings the scraped salt into the conveyor belt. This machine is in a special material, which is corrosion-resistant and durable.

4. Conveyor belt: It is a place to collect and transport salt.

Features of salt collector

  1. The salt collector is operated by one person, all controls are in the control cabinet next to the system, and the operator can control it easily.
  2. Sturdy one-piece design for long service life.
  3. Made of the best materials to resist and avoid corrosion.
  4. All-in-one machine. Integrates the rotator into the harvester.
  5. Adjustable floor depth control allows the production of graded salt floors.
  6. It provides consistent and good speed control for salt feeding.
Salt harvester
Salt Harvester

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