As a professional salt harvesting equipment manufacturer, we will strictly review the design, manufacturing, and quality testing of commercial salt harvesting machines to ensure that the equipment maintains good performance. At present, our various salt collectors have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions including Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, India, Chile, Brazil, Ghana, Sudan, Oman, Lebanon, and so on. Recently, we exported a small salt harvester to Iran.

Why choose salt harvesters for the sea salt pools?

Generally speaking, small salt fields will choose to adopt the method of artificial salt harvesting. However, the manual salt collection is generally inefficient and the labor cost is higher. Artificial salt harvesting will also be affected by the weather, leading to prolonged salt harvesting seasons.

Sea salt harvesting with labors
sea salt harvesting with labors

Large and medium-sized salt fields usually choose commercial salt harvesters for efficient salt harvesting. The specific functions of different salt collection equipment are different, and the salt collection machine can also be used with salt transport trucks and pool presses.

Shuliy salt harvesting machine
Shuliy salt harvesting machine

Commercial salt harvester is an important auxiliary tool for salt field operators. It can replace a lot of labor, greatly improve salt harvesting efficiency and shorten salt harvesting seasons.

Details of the Iran order of small salt harvester

The Iranian customer has a small saltwater spring with a saltwater concentration of approximately 23 degrees. He plans to buy a small salt harvester to help him harvest salt.

Small salt harvester for sale
small salt harvester for sale

The customer’s purchase budget is not high, so our sales manager recommended him a small salt collector with a relatively favorable price. The structure and function of this salt collector are very simple, easy to operate, and the salt collection efficiency is 50t/h. The Iranian customer was very satisfied with our proposal and paid us a deposit soon.

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